Included in your Tenancy Fee & Charges

Holding Deposit

£300 will be requested upon signing holding deposit form. Once received the room will be withdrawn from the market and all outstanding viewings will be cancelled. This amount will be deducted from your fist month rent before the move in date.
Please Note The holding deposit is non-refundable if references are declined, or if you decide to pull out of the process.

Administration Fee
1 week rent plus VAT for each room. This is to include referencing fees, deposit protection fees, checking in fees, guarantor referencing if on low income or studying, and other relative administrative fee.

Relocation fee
Relocation fee is £100 plus VAT if you want to relocate to another property of ours during your tenancy.

Renewal fee
£75 plus VAT administration fee for each tenancy. This is to include also re-protecting your deposit and other administrative fees.

Check Out fee
£30 plus VAT for each room

Security Deposit
A deposit will be taken before move in at the equivalent of  weeks rent. This will change to 8 weeks if you are on low income or full time student.

Penalties for Smoking in the property
We have a strict non-smoking policy in our Flat Share accommodation. If we have received complaints from more than 1 of your flatmates or neighbours, there is £200 penalty charge.
Please be aware that the reason for this huge penalty in place is to guarantee everyone’s safety.

Penalties for Late rent payment
If you pay rent late without notifying us, the late charge is £5 per day (if you are late more than 3 days).